Paramorphism Self Portrait (click me)
Paramorphism Self Portrait (click me)

I once met a guy who had a gift. At the time, I had no idea what that gift was. We talked and he had this balanced and easy going way of looking at life (far more chilled than I could ever be). We became friends but there was something a bit more than that.

I discovered that he was into art but it wasn’t that he just loved art, it was the revelation that he was an artist. When he showed me his studio (a tiny room in his home), it was as if I had walked through a portal into another world – a magical world. There strewn along the walls were canvases of varying sizes with portraits and illustrations that took my breath away.

But it was one particular piece that sat hanging on the wall that I immediately walked toward. It was an illustration of a woman and I said to him that it reminded me of one of the female characters I had created in the fantasy novel I was writing. He asked me about the book and I gave a rough outline of its story. Then without warning, he said I could use the illustration as the book cover if I wanted. He hadn’t read a single word of my writing yet he was allowing me to associate my words with his art. I was speechless.

Thus began a collaboration of ideas, the exploration of the spark using words and art and a desire to share what came out of our heads with others. Paramoprhism has allowed me to write short stories based on his illustrations and you can read them on any of the social networking channel links you see in the banner above (I recommend viewing them through my Tumblr account).

In addition I have started writing a drama novel for which Paramorphism will do the illustrations. Whether it gets picked up by a publisher, we have no idea but I guess that’s the beauty of writing in the current era… we can always self-publish as an e-book.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey that he and I have undertaken and I hope this will be the beginning of many more joint works to come.

You can check out all of Paramorphism’s astounding work at

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