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Anime Review: Your Name (2016)

TL;DR – Body switching, time travel, and a race to save a town from destruction. If there is Makoto Shinkai film to watch, this is it. Review (warning: spoilers) Comet Tiamat passes earth causing weather reporters, astronomers, and night gazers to look up at the skies to view this incredible phenomenon. A piece of the … Continue reading Anime Review: Your Name (2016)

Movie Review: Dune (Part 1) (2021)

TL;DR – Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel masterpiece is brought to life and tells the story about a galactic empire seeking to maintain its power by controlling the “spice” trade (a substance that allows the user to see into the future). Review (warning: spoilers) Political intrigue on a galactic scale is the name of the game … Continue reading Movie Review: Dune (Part 1) (2021)


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