Welcome to the home of J. C. Enno – writer, blogger, art lover and muse explorer.

When you’re a husband, father of three, and holding down a day job, it’s a challenge to squeeze in time for art and writing. But when the passion burns deep, you make time and that’s what I’m seeking to do. To share my work to those who enjoy stories.

My first junior fiction fantasy novel is now available on Amazon (click here on how to order or download a sample here).

For those curious about the origins of this book, check out my blog and take a peek at this book launch video.

Time is the ultimate equalizer. If you’re lucky you can figure out what makes you tick with time still on your side. You’ll hop on that boat and head in the direction you want, enjoying the journey and knowing each day that passes, you’ll have grown that little bit more.

I think I missed that boat… but I’ll jump in the water any way.

I started writing fantasy fiction in high school and thought I had all the time in the world. Over two decades on and that boat appears a speck on the horizon but I’ll see how far my arms can paddle. At least if I sink, I’ll know I gave it a go and have no regrets.

My head is filled with many ideas so I write for my soul and my sanity. With two novels in the pipeline (one being edited and the other being written), I hope to make up for lost time. For now, you can follow my blog and read short stories and poems that have popped out of my head.

I'm a father of three, writing to inspire and be inspired
Father of three, writing to inspire and be inspired

Below are 7 random facts about me taken from “20 Facts” I posted on my Instagram account.

1. I am a geek
2. I was a big comic collector. I own the complete series of Asterix adventures.
3. I was best man for a Greek wedding and did part of my speech in Greek (though I have no Greek blood in me whatsoever).
4. My political compass is aligned with Mahatma Ghandi.
5. I have lived in the UK, USA and Japan for considerable periods of time but there is still so much of the world I wish to see.
6. I consider Hayao Miyazaki a legend. He is a storyteller of the highest caliber.
7.  As a kid, I was fascinated by an arcade game called “Dragon’s Lair“. I believe the original is now in the Smithsonian. I was fascinated by the mix of animation with game play. The story is about a bumbling knight trying to rescue a princess from a dragon and involves using a joystick and one button for his sword. To navigate through the game, you had to time movement and use of the sword in order to progress (otherwise it animates the knight dying). My geekiness still recalls the final moves when fighting the dragon (i.e. up, left, left, down, down, down, left, up, down, right, sword, sword, left, sword. Dragon is slain and you save the princess). It is sad I still remember this.

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