Emel Jurd

Emel Jurd - Head 3Emel Jurd - Head 2

Releasing my work online came about through the encouragement of Paramorphism and by using these social networking channels, I met Emel Jurd. To say that Emel is a creative spirit is like saying the sun shines bright. Emel has sought not only to pursue her passion in ceramic sculptures and paintings but she has also devoted years as a singer/songwriter (releasing an EP and several singles through Festival Records) and ran a jewellery business for 13 years to boot. That in itself is inspirational and helps me to put my best foot forward in my own creative endeavours.

However, it is not just her creative talent that has me in awe. Through her art, she has been involved with a number of programs that seek to help disadvantaged individuals ranging from survivors of domestic violence to the homeless to those experiencing mental issues. The commitment to these projects and the utilisation of her gifts to help these individuals heal and rise up again is nothing short of humbling in my eyes. It demonstrates to me two things – 1) that creative expression is alive and well and 2) each and every one of us can make a positive difference in this world.

As with anything, when positivity flows in one direction, it opens up conduits for it to flow in the other direction as well. Emel’s experiences through these programs clearly influences and is evident in her art. Her recent exhibition ‘Beyond the Surface’ held at the Gauge Gallery in August of this year was nothing short of breathtaking (and this is simply from the images on her web page! I didn’t get to fly down to Sydney so I can only imagine what they were like up close). She marries the healing powers of nature with the individual. Each of us being living creatures are intimately connected to the world around us and how we face our struggles and pain and learn from it leads to growth.

And growth is what I see most in her remarkable pieces. Emel captures ebbs and flows through curves in the most effervescent way. If you look at the detail she displays colour that captures the eye but look closer and you see the white patterns and swirls that add emphasis to the coloured shapes. Each individual leaf, flower, branch, tree, root and water droplet creating a whole that demonstrates the power of growth in the individual. Her series titled “Self, Absorbed” shows truly the magic that Emel weaves but it is the “Leaving Our Mark” series that moves me beyond words. To me “Leaving Our Mark I”, “Leaving Our Mark II” and “Trinity” evokes a sense of Autumn and more poignantly, hope, inside of me. I love these pieces in ways that my words are not able to do them justice.

So do yourself a favour, follow Emel’s journey on her WordPress site today and be inspired.

I have been fortunate to have collaborated with Emel on two pieces. The first was a drawing she posted and I subsequently wrote a short story based on this drawing titled “The Key”. The second, I wrote the short story and she drew an illustration titled “Reflections”. If you check them out, please let me know what you think.

What inspires you to follow your passions? To make your dreams a reality? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment or email me any time.

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