When a Hiatus is not a Hiatus

2017-01-02 when a hiatus is not a hiatus v1.0
Juggling jobs like Spidey is a never ending task

When a Hiatus is not a Hiatus

Spidey (a.k.a. Peter Parker) juggles a multitude of responsibilities. Taking care of his Aunt May, trying to earn a buck through his photography for the Daily Bugle, doing his science studies at university, and affording time for his partner, Mary Jane. Throw in crime fighting, and you would want some sort of super power to keep all those balls in the air.

For myself, supporting my wife, raising three young kids, having a full time day job, and pursuing my passion for writing is enough to make me want to get bitten by a radioactive spider so I can get my own super powers (avoiding the morning rush hour traffic by web slinging into work would be worth getting bitten alone).

Alas, the reality is that everything takes time, and sadly, I don’t have any super powers.

So it has been that for the past two years (since I last posted a blog), in order for me to juggle my responsibilities and pursue writing, something had to give. In this regard, it was to put pause on the time given toward my social networking platforms.

The good news is I have written two fully developed manuscripts – one an adult drama novel, the other a junior fiction fantasy novel. I am hoping to publish both this year. How this happens, we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I am writing a sci-fi novel, and a couple more fantasy works, while still performing a day job that will pay the bills, and feeding & supporting the family. It has been a rewarding experience so far, but I realise I need to come back and dedicate time to my social networking platforms.

With 2018 now here, I will seek to be more disciplined in my undertakings. My first step will be to post a new blog at least once a month, and share with you my writing journey.

But for now, I will keep it simple and wish you all a happy and safe new year. May 2018 be a joyful one for us all. Peace.


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